Little fashionista

Little fashionista

Boys are so easy to dress.  Give them a shirt, pair of pants and shoes and you have a complete outfit.  Switch up the shirts, about 5 with the pants and you have 5 outfits.  Girls would die if you gave them 5 tops and one pair of pants or skirt to wear.

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Girls need top, bottom and shoes that match.  Now this is just the basic outfit, because you also have to include hair accessories, purse and jewelry to accent the outfit.  When I was a little girl many moons ago, I was content with shoes, top and bottom.  My favorite outfit was this red top, a skirt that was red, white and blue with stars that lined the top waist band and I begged my mom to buy me these red, white and blue socks with stars around the top band.  Now to complete the look; I needed these shoes and YES! they were red, white and blue with stars across the toes.  I told I was the BOMB!  Everyone was laughing at me when I put this outfit on but I was in my own little world and was so confident in me that I was oblivious to anyone else.  I thought everyone was looking at me and wishing they had my outfit on and I wore that baby until it started to fall apart.  To top off the outfit though I put red, white and blue ribbons in my hair when I wore this outfit.

Years later when I looked at myself, I saw what everyone else saw and it was hilarious.  Trust me, I am from a family of 8 children and they did not hold back.  I was told repeatedly by my siblings that my outfit was horrible and they were tired of looking at it.  I was told that I looked like a clown, but I took that as a compliment.


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