I Asked 8 French Girls—These Are The Staples They’ll Never Toss

I Asked 8 French Girls—These Are The Staples They’ll Never Toss

French women are basically experts when it comes to the art of building a wardrobe full of timeless and trend-proof staples. It’s why we’ve so closely examined their style and highlighted everything from their five-piece capsule wardrobe to the current trends they’re especially into and—surprise—we’re back again, this time with a topic that’s been at the top of our minds (and likely yours too) recently: what to ditch and what to keep from our closets.

With all the time we’ve spent at home in recent weeks, we’ve gotten really familiar with our wardrobe and have come face to face with what is working and what isn’t. So, too, have our Parisian friends. Which is why I reached out to eight of the stylish French women I follow to get the intel on the style staples they won’t be tossing in the donation pile anytime soon. I think it’s safe to say that the 15 staples they shared are the kind of timeless items that work for all women, French or not, and when put together actually ladder up to a rather chic wardrobe.

Ahead, discover the French fashion staples that have the most longevity, according to the women who say so.

“I’ll always own a trench coat—it’s just too timeless to ever toss.” — Anne-Laure Mais Moreau

“My vintage Levi’s all have a story to tell and, to me, they’re like a piece of heirloom jewelry.” — Mais Moreau

“An oversized men’s shirt is really a staple for me because I donʼt like wearing tight clothes, so they give me a mix of comfort and a casual vibe that I can wear for every season and with everything. I usually keep it simple with a white or light blue shirt for the basics.” — Aïda Sané

“Jumpers have always been a favorite of mine since my high school days and as I’m getting older I find them very versatile and easy to wear—with high-waisted jeans and heels for a casual-chic look or at home with my favorite loungewear.” — Sané

“I never get rid of a good pair of straight-leg jeans whether they are black or blue. These are my comfort zone when I don’t know what to wear or if I want to stay casual.” — Sané

“Although leggings have never been a huge favorite for everyone, I still own a few of them cause they are just so comfortable if I need to quickly go to the grocery store or run some errands and I don’t want to get fully dressed. My go-to pairing is with a big hoodie a pair of sneakers and probably a trench coat or oversized outwear.” — Sané

“A black blazer is my ultimate wardrobe hero. It can transform all looks in something more elevated—and chicer even sweatpants!” — Chloé Harrouche

I keep my basics the longest (until they literally have holes!). I try to do a closet clean out every 4-6 months, but I don’t necessarily plan it. For example, I was packing to go back to Paris in February and I decided to start to do a full re-organization/clean out of my closet. In doing so, I realized that white tank tops or T-shirts are pieces I tend to really hold on to. I just love how easily you can pair them with anything. In summer, I wear them with jeans to create an effortless look, and then in winter, they’re perfect to use as an under layer with a big sweater.” — Claire Mosteghanemi

“It has always been my go-to piece for an easy ‘effortlessly chic’ and feminine style. Plus, the floral print will never really go out of style, so I think it is a perfect time-tested staple.” — Léna Farl

“This is a “boring” staple I always like to have in my closet. It is such a versatile piece that you can wear in so many ways regardless of the season. I’m usually wearing it on a slip dress, tied with a pair of flowing pants, or simply as a dress in the summer.” — Farl

“My style has not changed so I try to get rid of trendy stuff, or simply things I won’t wear for the next 10 years. If I had to choose what I wouldn’t get rid of, my Y/project blazers with some crazy power shoulders top the list. I bought two of them last year and maybe have worn them a billion times already. One is grey checked and the other one is green tartan. When I wear them I feel cool, elegant, chic, and powerful. I love that I can wear them with PVC black pants, a white tee, and denim shorts, and a pair of mocassin—literally everything!” — Estelle Chemouny

“I wouldn’t toss an oversized blazer. You can wear them with virtually any pants, skirts, dresses, or shorts. They’re the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe.” — Ellie Nes

“Whenever I don’t feel like getting dressed or I don’t know what to wear, I will always reach for a pair of blue jeans.” — Nes

“I’d have to say a pair of Dr. Martens because the older they get, the better they look.” — Tamara Mory

“There’s a pair of  Levi’s corduroy flares I own from the seventies that just won’t quit. I can count of them to keep coming back into style every so often.” — Mory

“Most of the things I keep are vintage that my mom gave to me, like this Chanel tressé belt from the nineties. It’s the perfect accessory with just jeans and a T-shirt that will never go out of fashion.” — Mory

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