How to dress when traveling

How to dress when traveling

Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable.

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays; there are over 50 million people traveling.

Whether you are in your car, bus or plane, you want to look good and dress comfortably.

Let’s start with your car:

If you’re traveling cross country or three hours away, here’s a couple of suggestions:

  • Start with a t-shirt, long sleeve polyester shell and then layer on a jacket.
  • Match this with jeans or sweat pants.  Ladies you can substitute leggings if you like (my personal favorite).
  • Pair this outfit with a nice pair of boots, you never know if you have that unfortunate breakdown.


  • Again thermal shirt, flannel or sweat shirt and pair with jeans or sweat pants.
  • Remember a sensible pair of boots.

Now for the FUN part, traveling by plane:

First and foremost you must get your mind set for the enormous crowds and slow TSA lines for security.  Next you must pick your clothes as you think of yourself getting through security in the most efficient and quickest way possible.  As you approach the TSA security line remove all items from your pockets, remove your coat and shoes and place all items on the conveyor belt with your purse, briefcase, backpack or carryon bag.

  • Pick something simple to wear: ladies…blouse or sweater, leggings or jeans and boots.
  • Men…shirt or sweat shirt, jeans or khakis and boots.

Just remember that the most important thing is wear relaxing, easy access and comfortable clothes.  Unless you have a business meeting that you must dress as if you were walking in your office right off the airplane; don’t sweat it.  And ladies if you can combine your purse into your backpack, that’s even better for you when manuvering through the airport, onboard the plane or through busy streets.

Look at the photos above and decide which style would you like to wear when you travel.




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