Dress for Success

Dress for Success


Dressing for success is a state of mind.Skilled black craftswoman painting on ceramic earthenware in studio  Sometimes we get into the habit of dressing in a way that we think we should because we think it is expected.  Instead we should check out the norms of that particular industry and do what is the norm for that industry.

If you have been a stay at home mom or dad for the past 4-5 years and your children are in school or graduated from high school and you no longer feel the need to be at home full time.  It’s time to go back to work or school.  If you are going back to school to sharpen your skills or develop new ones then you need to dress for success in school.

Don’t go into your closet and pull out what you believe you should wear to be hip with the kids.  The kids will feel that you are fake and will not warm up to you.  Dress comfortably with jeans and t-shirt or sweat pants and top.  Get a new pair of sneakers that are clean and neat, they don’t have to be high priced shoes of some famous basketball player; that would be trying too hard to fit in.

If you decide to get back into the working environment, just look at the industry that you are joining and study the norm for that arena.  You don’t want to do into an office on your first day dressed for a party or wearing something that your 21 year old daughter would wear.  Remember you are let’s just say a more mature person and teenybopper chic would not go over well.  Besides getting double takes and giggles behind your back: people will look at you for your wear and not take you serious which will be counterproductive to what you want to achieve.

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